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Sukhi - Closed $800k Deal in 3weeks

Sukhi started with us and went on to close her first deal within 3 weeks. It took her 1 week to close the buyer deal and get the cheque in. Close 2 Deals in 4 Months. Avg. GCI $18,000


Other companies are promising you leads, CRM, Text, Emails, Appointments. But we are the only ones Guaranteeing Sales or your Money back. Other companies promise to give you 3 months free if you don't close.

Predictable Increase of $20k - $40k Monthly.

With the right tools and Business Development Mangers (we provide) in place. Your pipeline will consistently produce $20,000 to $40,000 per month from our starter package(s).

Reno company $75,000 revenue increase in 2 months

As long as you are a B2C (providing services to people) we can help you with sales. We provide the systems, the ads, the Appointment setting (after rejecting 97% of the people - ie. Tire Kickers). So you only get appointments with highly targeted people and thats how why we can guarantee sales.

Our Systems and Staff bring the sales to you

Our Talented Business Development Managers via phone/email/text will bring highly targeted people to you and stop 97 out of 100 people who are price shopping, not ready and not serious.

You Go service your clients & Spend time with your family.

Let Us Worry about funnels/texts/ads/calls...

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